Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That's it- We are Fooked!

"An asteroid may come uncomfortably close to Earth in 2036 and the United Nations should assume responsibility for a space mission to deflect it, a group of astronauts, engineers and scientists said on Saturday.

Astronomers are monitoring an asteroid named Apophis, which has a 1 in 45,000 chance of striking Earth on April 13, 2036..."


The UN!

Oh yeah- pull the other one FFS!

The are about as much use as the average small-town Borough Council, when it comes time for action!

They couldn't organize a bonk in downtown Bangkok with a sack of Krugerrands!

Shall we have a reality check?

The USA will do it- probably aided by Russia.

The UN will sit about passing resolutions and working out how to move funding to their Swiss bank accounts.

Get a man on the job- not a monkey on a stick!


Unknown said...

A rook is heading for earth and we have one shot to take it out or we all die.

Do you want Bruce Willis or Hans "Marco Polo" Blix and his seeing eye dog on the trigger?

Unknown said...

You have to watch out for those giant inter-Galactic chess pieces.

Rocks can be dangerous too.

Anonymous said...

the solar sail idea would probably work here

Anonymous said...

There goes the climate change problem and that of the endangered snails.

Anonymous said...

I read saomewhere that "Astronomers believe certainty of impact could only be determined about 30 days out." and its no good sending Brucie up there with a nuke, because the technology does'nt exist to reach it in time, and its no good shooting nukes from earth because they wont work in space and don't have the range, and if they did we would only get showered with radioactive meteroites.

source: A History Of Almost Everything, p256

Mrs Smith said...


Unknown said...

No cheques mate, cash only.

Oswald Bastable said...

A nuke will work in space, you just have to get it a lot closer.

Unknown said...

Like inside the rock.

Anonymous said...

T.H.O.A.E. suggests nuclear missiles don't have enough sac to break out of the atmosphere, and if it could guidance would then be the problem.

Of course this book is a few years old now, so maybe strapping a navman on to it would do the trick?.