Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good- stay on the other bloody side of the hill!

"Retiring Labour MP Georgina Beyer has given a strong indication she will seek the Wellington mayoralty later this year.

Ms Beyer, who was the first transsexual elected to Parliament, stands down tomorrow to take up acting roles in the theatre..."


Achievements in Parliament at our considerable expense were:

Asked what contribution she had made to politics, Ms Beyer said her election had sent a message around the world.
"Just my election and my being here spoke volumes of how attitudes on moral issues and attitudes towards people who may be a little different and unusual in this environment have definitely moved on."

The only message I got is what a lazy and useless individual it was! Just another seat-filler to rubber stamp Dear Leader's wishes.

Wellington is welcome to have this gelding as mayor!


Anonymous said...

Did we pay for the knacker as well?

Cactus Kate said...

I will remember her as the best looking woman in the Labour Government.

Unknown said...

And the most feminine. (But that was a close call with some of the guys.)

Anonymous said...

Joking aside Os why don't you recycle your rubbish in your own back yard?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I couldn't help but warm to her when she gave Destiny Church marchers an utter mouthful. And she'd be a better Mayor than the incumbent. Gorgeous and Maori. Two ticks.