Sunday, February 25, 2007

The market will sort this out!

"The fashion label which produced a T-shirt range to raise money for Auckland's Starship children's hospital is also selling kid's tees emblazoned with "Future Porn Star"..."


Of course there is a call for the inevitable banning.

But why?

Ask yourselves how many parents would actually buy one of these, especially at $45!


KG said...

They need to market 'em in adult sizes, with "future" replaced by "ex".
I'd be in for one.

MikeE said...


Much better than these for offensiveness, check the "Baby Hell" section.

Anonymous said...

$45 a shirt is out of my budget even for XXL size.

I am happy to boycott any store stupid enough to sell such paediphile want ads.

Oswald Bastable said...

Baby Hell!


Brian Smaller said...

I wouldn't buy one for my daughter and I live in Lower Hutt!

I reckon the few adults who do buy these for kids wont let them wear them out after all the publicity.

Anonymous said...

fuck banning t-shirts, just ban stupid people. Oswald's title sums it up nicely.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure it should be left alone. I think decades of being taught not to think has left lots of parents deficient in the common sense stakes. There's more dopey mums out there now than ever before trying to make their little girls look all grown up way before their time. At $45 kids won't be buying these, stupid parents will. Still, I bet classy (?) porn pays more than the dole or DPB and you can lie down most of the time as well. It will be on the WINZ career option list soon enough.