Friday, February 16, 2007

Left Field

"Embattled Mangere MP Taito Phillip Field has resigned from the Labour Party. Mr Field held a press conference in Auckland on Friday to outline his future plans. He has been expelled from the Labour Party caucus and said he intended to return to Parliament as an independent MP, but would still support the Labour Government..."


What a fucknuckle! I was listening to him burbling on the radio- Claiming he was a convienient target for an attack the liarbour party. Then immediatly going on to state that Liarbour were also picking on him!

So everybody is attacking him and of course they are all wrong.

'And dey breeching my hooman rites!'

Ya useless brown slug, they are all after you because you are as bent as a dogs back leg! (and failed to kowtow to Hellen)

Practice your right to silence- it can only help your case!

Now will we finally get to see what we deserve to see?- another bent MP in jail

I do hope so- I liked the idea in a Terry Prachart Book (Lost Continent, I think) where politicians were put in jail as soon as they were elected- it saved time!


KG said...

"....where politicians were put in jail as soon as they were elected- it saved time!"

Jail? What's wrong with a public flogging followed by hanging? Is the man soft or something?

Anonymous said...

Fcuk I hate this goverment and all the fcuking lying cnuts in it. Field is a liar and a thief and yet he is better than the whole fcuking rest of them together. As for that fcuking dyke in charge - she is a sewer. And they seem to have weaseled their way out of it again. Do they have no integrity at
all?(I appologise for my language, I'm just a little angry)

Unknown said...

Don't hold back there, tell us what you really think.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. Clark now depends more than ever before on Tight"0" to vote her way.

Mr Blackbirder is no one's fool when it comes to his own self-interest. He will make Clark grovel - big time.