Friday, February 09, 2007

News and non-news

A bimbo, one Anna- Two-Fathers whatsehername, dies under suspect circumstances.

Big deal, so what?

Such things keep worthless jorunos & talking heads in employment but most of us couldn't give a toss.


it seems significant that this appears in the entertainment section!

The are talking about us on MSM here. Of course we are wicked and callous as opposed to the MSM paragons of virtue! Up yours you wankers!

But in the real world (mine, anyway) something significant did happen today!

The 'Ball & Chain' found my collection of Biggles books!


Mrs Smith said...

I too have almost complete disinterest in celebrities lives (and deaths).

Just wondering if 'Biggles books' is a euphemism for something ... unwholesome (ahem).

ZenTiger said...

Ah, Biggles! I remember Biggles and Algy - read heaps, but got the books from the library.

Went through all of the "Adventure" books featuring Hal and Roger too.

That was all about the same time I had a subscription to "Beano" and used to scrounge Commando comics from my mates (and my Dad seemed to pick up the odd one too, come to think of it).

Anonymous said...

...and Campbell Live devouted a whole segment to it.

Must have been a REALLY slow news day. I hope.