Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unreality TV

Sustainability being the current buzzword, How many more friggin' 'Treasure Island' shows can NZ's couch potatos endure? Take away the hope a tit will fall out or somebody might bonk someone else and its all over!

The show going in the background here just showed the eye candy trying to trade for fire.


EVERY but EVERY primitive culture has managed to make it!

Rubbing sticks together- rocket science it ain't.

Then I had a thought.

This show could be hilarious if we could see a bunch of academics in this sort of setting-schoolteacher types for preference.

I bet they wouldn't manage to find fire!

And it wouldn't be pretty!


Anonymous said...

Surviver (sp) is ok but i dont other with the treasure island.

Mrs Smith said...

Academics - there would be hissy-fits galore as they slowly starved to death. However - a bunch of scientists would be great. I record 'Mad Labs' on My Sky (Scientists trying out 'mad' things - think its on the Documentary channel). So far, I have learned how to start a fire with a glass of water, or an aluminium can and a piece of chocolate. Or how to use a piece of paper as a frying pan. Marvellous programme.

Anonymous said...

A new season of NZ Treasure Island "Waste of Space Challenge" should feature teams made up of:

Academic priests and theologians.

Male primary school teachers.

White collar trade union officials.

Failed list MP's.

Rainbow short story, poetry and novel writers.

South Auckland real estate agents.

City Council jobsworths and traffic wardens.

Failed police college recruits.

Has-been rugby players and Shortland Street face-pullers [for series continuity and audience recognition]

and finally...

Lost my false passport asylum seekers.

10 hectares of tropical island fun and mayhem over eight weeks as contestants compete in $2 budget challenges.

Anonymous said...

Why do the people on these shows always try to light a fire by rubbing to sticks of soft, damp wood together?

Anonymous said...

They are responding to some deeply repressed folk memory perhaps?

Better prospects for achieving fire would come from twirling a dry finger briskly in one of the has-been sports celebs ears.