Thursday, February 08, 2007

An old evil revisited

The 4WD.

Owned by evil Tories, hell-bent on dominating the roads, using too much fuel and single-handedly bringing down global warming on us all.

Crushing helpless infants in their blind spots, while congesting inner city parking. (according to tonights tv attack on vehicles- sorry- no link)

So of course I have one!

Then you get this crap. Of course they turn over easier. Simple bloody physics (oh!- Riiiight...)

So drive the damned thing properly and it won't fall over. They have blind spots- all cars do - do a bloody walk-around before you get in! Situational Awareness people- get your heads out of your arses!

Least someone passes a new law...


Oi said...

A 4WD is a compromise between a car and a tractor. Its neither one nor the other. Idiots buy them to take their kids to upmarket schools, in the mistaken impression that big and tall equals safety.
I have two 4WDs, but they are used as 4WDs are designed to be used, in the mud, ice & snow, and getting me to where I can winch out firewood.

If I have to travel any distance, I use the car. [if the wife isnt using it] Far more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

A quote from the article, "He says studies have shown the newer vehicles are 60% less likely to be in a crash." What the hell does that mean, if you drive a more modern vehicle you are less likely to crash!! FFS this gives me absolutely no chance in my 1998 vehicle. Maybe they should come with drivers who can drive them.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is the fact that people are only taught the very basics in car control and generally have no idea how to recover one, as with most things, some poeple are more gifted than others, the woman test driving on the show last night was being bagged for not indicating, swerving and general bad driving, but I suspect that she probably drove her golf in a similar manner. Except on vary rare occasions, it is usually the human factor at fault in an accident, not the vehicle.

KG said...

What Leonidas said. A good driver can drive almost ANY vehicle perfectly safely.
But admitting that would mean introducing some kind of real driver training, spending some of that money currently being ripped off motorists by taxes and charges and speed cameras.
And we couldn't possibly have that, could we?

Anonymous said...

I agree.There should be proper driver training.