Friday, February 09, 2007


Can you retard greenies try to remember this next you thrust your collective tongues up Liarbour's arse?

Is that too hard for you to do?

They are not your friends either!

But I do give you credit for pointing out this wee inconsistency in Liarbour's peacenick front!


Anonymous said...

And they made such a big deal over the "Gone by lunchtime" thing.... pot calling the kettle black?.

Anonymous said...

This came out some time ago ... just got a bit more publicity this time ... due to 'greening' perhaps.I stck this on Phil's thing as a response ...

Yep, & they're strong proponents of the organic movement ... 'no pesticide residue' on fruit due to a component of mutard gas ... calcium polysulfide (lime sulfur), 'weapons of mass destruction,' just a pity about the ability of those in close proximity to those operations in Nelson and Hawkes Bay to breathe!!
Form 3 chemistry Phil, it would make you cry .. acid rain, that is.

No consistency to be found here ... simply attention-seeking behaviour

Deadman said...

Like our Dumbocrats - hypocrites to a fault.

Sean said...

His "we must...our money" line gives the real game away - all the "problems" in the world would be gone if "he" was in charge. I beg to differ - for the following reasons:
1) If you want peace - prepare for war. Do anything else - and it is war you shall have. Thanks - but no thanks.
2) Norway, being awash in oil, can afford to induge itself in inane fantasies of influence - New Zealand, lacking the oil, already has an "influential" Nuclear-Free policy. We can't afford another delusion.
3) WalMart has done more to reduce poverty (in both customers and suppliers) than any company on earth. Excuse me - that's bad?
But basically, I have little time for the analysis of anyone who thinks disarming the righteous will reduce predation.