Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Full Moon already?

You just know its going to be a bad day when your phone goes off at 0545!

Apparantly there is a major water leak.

Soon after I arrive at the site. The pump shed is in darkness, so I reach to the right side of the door and turn on the light.

'Daaa- how did you do dat?'

Its white mans magic AKA electricity- idiot. I can see how this job is going to go.

The massive leak- a hose has been left running. Turn tap clockwise- water stops. Of couse if the light had been turned on, Zippy the Wonder Slug could possibly have figured that one out.

Or if he had stayed the hell out of the shed, I would have sorted the problem out when I arrived at 0700.

There are few things more destructive that an industrious idiot.

That set the trend for the day.

The next was a major chemical spill- real Union Carbide vs India stuff. It was a film ofSoda Ash-slightly less toxic than salt- on a car park. I would have put the hose on it until it went away, but council types need a more impressive and far more expensive act of contrition.

Call up the sucker truck to remove the offending white stones and exorcise the demons.

Then the really important part- find somebody to blame for the spill.

Another 16 days of being the 'On Call...'


KG said...

"Call up the sucker truck to remove the offending white stones and exorcise the demons."
Christ, Oswald! You could have at least called in a Maori kaumata (sp?) to do that part, and spread the wealth around a little. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lubbly-jubbly say the council jobsworths, this toxic emergency will keep us merrily involved doing our make-work thing for months.

Anonymous said...

"zippy the wonder slug"

Even better than calling a dim sparky milliwatt.