Thursday, February 01, 2007

More on the Evil Empire- CYFS

I'm like a lot of people out there. I have never had any direct dealings with CYFS.

That's the way I want to keep it!

Some years ago, when I was a volunteer Ambulance Officer, I did a training course on professional ethics (AKA Tree-Hugging & Whale-Kissing)

The subject of reporting child abuse came up and the consensus was that we had to be REAL clear on what we had seen before making such a report. This was backed by several long-standing members who had been involved in such incidents. There experiences with CYFS were totally negative and they urged us newer folks to be so very careful about involving these goons!

Once Nanny's apparatus are called out, there is no calling them off!

I'm glad I never had to make that call!

Now all I have to worry about is kids turning up to school with a couple of bruises- as kids get!- and being reported. That is a very real worry to all thinking parents out there. more than a few have made a similar comment. And now you know why so many kids lack discipline- their parents are too bloody scared that thier kids will say something and will then be removed!

Some officious teacher/wannabe social worker taking a remark out of context or the fact the a kid is always hungry (as many are, regardless of what you feed them!) means they are neglected.

After all, us nice middle-class types are far easier target's than a truly abused kid in a gang house. We don't tend to stomp on your head.

Just attack you through blogs...

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