Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Spidey Sense is tingling

...about the whole Tim Selwyn issue.

OK- he's a crook- this has been proven- no arguments there.
And this is from someone who's opinions on crime & punishment run to the harsh side of severe!

But hang on- is he a great threat to members of our society/

So why is it that so many others that ARE get non-custodial sentences?

If anyone should get Home D, it is the Tim Selwyn type of offender.

Why is it that so many others do a string of similar crimes yet get concurrent sentences- While for once someone (Tim S.) gets a consecutive sentencing?

So why don't our recidivist offenders get the microscope put over THEIR unsavoury lives and nailed for each and every offense found to have occured historically?

One could be forgiven for thinking that Tim has been singled out for 'Special Attention'!

So... careful with that Axe Eugene!


Unknown said...

I particularly enjoy the way the kept the charges separate to get him consecutive rather than concurrent sentences.

If he'd repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted a child over several years and copped 93 guilties he'd being doing a few weeks for each charge.

Good to see our justice system working hard to protect us from this dangerous... author.

KG said...

It was one of the very few political show trials in NZ's history, a history that Kiwis had every right to be proud of.
Typical of leftist bastards to throw that out the window.

KG said...

and typical of the media to go along with the whole farce. The Soviets would have been proud of 'em.

coge said...

Murray, Tim is not an author, he's a dangerous right-wing blogger!

Unknown said...