Friday, February 02, 2007

Loopies abound!

It's that time of year again- fools with more money than sense go looking for non-existant bargins at the Martinborough Fair. This is the day that Martinborough turns into a clip-joint to put Queenstown to shame! (The rest of the year they just get by selling overpriced wine)

Like so many of these events, it got off to a great start- crafters selling their products for good prices and spitting in the eye of the taxman.

Not now.

The price of a stall has all but driven out the small crafters and now many of the stalls are just tables containing the contents of somebody's shop.

There won't be a lot of bargins to be had- just a long wait in a traffic jam and crowds of sweaty shoppers and children behaving badly. 'Cold' drinks will be at least double the usual price-as will be the hot chips & hotdogs that people perversly insist on buying when the temperature is in the mid-thirties.

The high point would be the beer tent.

As i can buy the beer locally, I will give the fair a miss...

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Unknown said...

At $200 for a stall and a long way to come a crafter has to move a lot of product before they're back in the black.

It's hard work when you're up against the Chinese crap shop stall flogging slave labour ripped off junk thats shiny.

I didn't even bother filling out the form.