Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dueling is not a socialist tradition

This is explained in

"...Only gentlemen were considered to have honor, and therefore qualified to duel. If a gentleman was insulted by a person of lower class he would not duel him but would beat him with a cane or whip or have his servants do so..."

No Honour, no duel.

So- a good whipping is call for!


Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't strictly a duel, Planning on giving any who turned up a sound thrashing.

Dueling, now, I have always wanted a go at that...with pistols I reckong I'd win, and I'd have a good crack at it with swords.

Oswald Bastable said...

Actually, after dueling was banned, fisticuffs became the way of settling matters of hounour, thus the Marquis Of Queensbury rules- so it could be done in a gentlemaly fashion, not as a common brawl!

Auntie said...

Perhaps we could have Brownlee and Malard fight for the honour of their leader?