Monday, August 20, 2007

Meatheads day out

I have talked my way out of my swimming pool minding job!

Something to do with the fact that I cost 50% more than a pool walla.

Ain't it great to be one of the few employees with an actually vaild qualification!

I still have to hand over the pools though.

So tell me how the FNG can confuse Calcium Hypochorite with Isocyanuric acid?

Do these names look familiar? I can understand mixing sodium carbonate with sodium bicarbonate. Like the chemical supplier did.

At least he remembered that the calcium hypochlorite explodes if you piss on it...


Unknown said...

He "remembered? or he learned?

Two very different concepts.

Mrs Smith said...

"calcium hypochlorite explodes if you piss on it..." The only way to know that, is if someone once pissed on it. Why would anyone go around pissing on random chemicals? Sounds a very strange hobby.

Oswald Bastable said...

It's a fatal one. It explodes.

Apparently, two boys climbed a fence- one dared the other to piss into the open drum below.

Game over and a crater to fill in.