Monday, August 06, 2007

Collectivist guilt-trip bullshit!

'Three minute silence' against child abuse

People are being asked to stop what they are doing and stay silent for three minutes on Wednesday in a nationwide stand against child abuse."

The three short minutes is an opportunity for each person to reflect on what each one of us can do to be part of the solution to our unacceptable rate of child abuse."

Collectivist twaddle. I have done my best to be a good father and I believe I'm doing a pretty good job of it. I- like so many others, work hard to provide for a family. Why would I want to treat them badly?

I have NOTHING to be guilty about! The only children I am responsible for are my own.

I have been reflecting on it for years. This is not a new issue. Why do people now need to reflect on in now?

Have they had their heads firmly stuck up orifice posterior all their lives? I think not!

The guilty need public shaming and punishment. Many of them need hanging- also in public.

Public shaming- for they have no shame already- should be by way of flogging and stocks. The crime should be branded/tattooed onto their foreheads. They should be rendered incapable of reproduction and forbidden from ever recieving a benefit of any kind.

A license to breed isn't such a bad idea. Either PROVE you are fit or forfeit all rights to ANY form of taxpayer assistance.


Oi said...

Shit - I dont need 3 minutes reflection to be able to volunteer to lay a hand to the rope that swings these bastards

KG said...

Me neither.

Oswald Bastable said...

Three minutes- I can find the rope, tie the knot and have it slung over a convienient branch.

I can't arrange a trapdoor so It will have to be an 'Old-Fashioned' drag hanging.

sweetpea said...

What is 3 minutes of silence going to achieve?
I can't think of a more pointless excercise. It isn't going to stop the bashers and anybody who isn't living under a rock already knows what has happened to at least one little girl in the last week.

sweetpea said...
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Anonymous said...

Feel-good crap. I'll carry on driving my V8 Commodore as usual through the City for this period!

ZenTiger said...

Typical lefties.

Every one is finally agreed that we need to speak out on child abuse, so they suggest silence.

sweetpea said...

lol you are soooo right there zentiger.

Unknown said...

I'm ready to participate.

I have a 90 cm shield to dish, an anvil and a selection of hammers with which to be silent.

Of couse this child abuse is all and conservative delusion, Sue Bradford has put an end to child abuse!