Friday, August 03, 2007

Now it's Murder

It's no longer child abuse- it's MURDER

Only the harshest penalties can suffice for this most foul act of murder.


eMMa said...

I read somewhere that the mother of this baby went clubbing on Friday night last week while the baby was in hospital to 'take her mind off things'. What a repulsive woman!

mojo said...

Yep Oswald, what is it these days, 15 & 2/3 remission for being good??
Pretty good for being heinously bad.
On the whole a cost/benefit analysis on most crimes today would indicate a pretty clear bias in favour of offending, particularly if your wants are simple.

KG said...

Fair go, Oswald--enough of the brutal, simplistic knee-jerkery,please.
What the whanau needs is more counselling, access to agencies and organisations which will support and reward them and an acknowledgement on the part of all New Zealanders that we own their problem.
The role of colonisation has to be examined and the effect of white bias and discrimination must be addressed.
A new government agency needs to be set up and properly funded to assist all New Zealanders improve their child-rearing skills, since there is no evidence to show that this problem is more prevalent among Maori--Tariana says so.
And where is the evidence that a solo mother on the benefit and her boyfriend on the dole who supplements his income with a little drug dealing can't be good parents, eh?

Unknown said...


All those in favor...