Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yes, as a matter of fact- we DO have solutions!

For the unspeakable scum that neglect, torture and kill children. Here is my 12-step plan.

It is harsh, but crimes of this nature demand harsh penalties.

1- Cut off their money supply- THIS is what will HURT. NO benefits, WFF, food vouchers- NOTHING.

2- As they have no money, they cannot support children- they are removed.

3- Harsh jail sentences in real jails- with hard labour! It may deter some and the other deserve it. This is not rehab- this is PUNISHMENT.

4- No benefits for further children born to those on benefits.

5- Long-term beneficiaries to be randomly drug tested. We do not pay these people to get stoned, nor is this helping to get a job.

6- If children are removed from working parents, they must pay maintenance.

7- Benefits are docked for persistant truancy.

8- Parenting, budgeting, home economics and other such courses must be passed to regain custody of children that have been removed- if returning them is considered an option. Drug testing is mandatory.

9- Adoption laws must be revised to protect children from parents deemed unfit. They can never use the legal system to regain custody.

10- Offenders to be 'Named and shamed'

11- offenders details to be available on a public database.

12- The death penalty should be available for the more extreme cases.


Anonymous said...

I'd start by putting their balls in a vise - tighten 1 turn daily.
Any thing else is too good for them.

KG said...

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan.
Therin lies the problem--this government doesn't do reasonable.

llew said...

Beat them with wet celery! Oh wait, that's freemasons isn't it?

Mrs Smith said...

I'd vote for all that. Even the wet celery suggestion.

Whaleoil said...

500 lashes on the peepee with a wet shoelace

sweetpea said...

Bring back the Work House/Poor House!

Swimming said...

what about ensuring that WINZ finds these people jobs, ensures that they are actively looking for work and actually arranges appointments with them to see if they are doing so.

Thats what WINZ they are supposed to be doing. They`re not - theyre finding ways to put them on the sickness benefit - and they are not work testable.

Anonymous said...

What's funny about it is that I suspect they don't vote anyway so why suck up to them.