Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tip of the Iceberg

It appears (unsuprisingly) that only a few stories of cruelty to children find their way to the media.

Auckland story

Christchurch story

I know how the front-line hospital staff must feel- having worked in the deviant's wing. You would be wanting to drop a little potassium in their beer...

A profile is given:

"...The typical profile of a woman whose child was taken from her at birth was that she had several other children, commonly had a drug or alcohol addiction, an abusive partner and a long-term relationship with CYF..."

But somehow I don't think they are telling us the whole story here!

Ten bucks to a knob of goatshit that they are on some kind of a benefit 95% of the time.

And the govt agencies have ethnicity on every form they have. But this information is not mentioned...


KG said...

"But this information is not mentioned..."
You bet it's not--that way, the government (spit) can pretend that it's everybody's problem.
How the hell are they ever going to get a grip on this thuggery if they censor the information about the group largely responsible for it?The anser, of course is that they can't. So they'll continue to fiddle and waffle and throw your and my money at it while they pay them to breed.

KG said...

spot the typo....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'd like the media to tell us how many of the woman who have long term relationships with CYFs, have had
further children while on the DPB.

Paying woman have more children while on the DPB needs to be axed in my opinion. Woman who get pregnant while on the DPB should either have to adopt or find a job to pay for raising the additional child.

I'm sick of all the bullshit about community monitioring of beneficaries; why not make the parents responsible for the decision to have a child in the first place.


Unknown said...

Well if its everyones problem I've done my bit.

I haven't abused anyones children since I was a drill instructor.