Sunday, August 12, 2007

What do you friggin' expect?

Another kid makes a dumb call- caught whilst breaking the law and pays the price.

And, as usual, the wailing starts. And it's all the fault of the police for chasing him.


We/I EXPECT the police to chase offenders and the moment you run- that's what you are presumed to be.

Do people seriously expect the cops never to chase anyone, turn on a beacon or do anything that will cause the little darlings to flee? Because as soon as that happens every offender will decamp at speed.

Then we will see some carnage!

I know there is a tendence for all parents to view their own offspring through rose-coloured glasses, but FFS!- your brat driving at 180km in a 70km zone is on a par with somebody firing a rifle through the middle of town.

Having been hit by one of these semi-guided missiles, I have zero sympathy.


Oi said...

The problem is, they know that if they can drive in a dangerous enough manner or speed, the patrol will be ordered to abandon the pursuit by the controller.
A chocolate fish to the person who can tell me what the fcukwit in the hopped up toyota does then.

What has to happen, is that these drivers should be left in no doubt that the Police will pursue them until they either stop or crash. And that any death or injury, they will be charged with manslaughter/murder/grievous bodily harm.

KG said...

Well, he's improved the gene-pool slightly.

Unknown said...

The government must be held responsible for these "police" chase deaths.

Having restricted the police response they have created a situation where the criminal is now aware that if they drive fast enough and dangerously enough the police will stop following them.

If the rule was we'll stop when you do a lot of them wouldn't see a plus side in running.

And lets call them what they are, criminal pursuits.

Unknown said...

The family are moaning about how the cops shouldn't have given chase because he was an inexperienced driver. Well, that's precisely why inexperienced (in this case "Learner") drivers are not permitted to drive after 10pm, or with passengers, and must be supervised at all times. His family MUST take responsibility for permitting him to break ALL of those laws in the first place. They MUST blame themselves before they blame the officers who were (by ALL accounts) following the perp at a distance of over 500m.

At the end of the day, it's another hazard that has permanently removed itself from our roads, and with minimal collateral damage. I guess the next best outcome would have been along the lines of this story:

...more of this in the papers, and I'm sure that the number of people "doing a runner" will drop markedly. Make it known that you will be chased until you stop (one way or another) and there will be pain. (one way or another)

Panday said...

If it's any consolation, it took our courts about two decades to wake up and stop some of this lunacy. The Supreme Courts of both my state of Michigan and the US Supreme Court have issued a lot of major pro-police decisions over the last 10 years.

Hopefully relief is around the corner for you, as well.

sweetpea said...

How the hell were the cops supposed to know that this was a young and inexperienced driver?

Anybody driving that fast on a public road deserves whatever stops them and should be profoundly grateful if it is only the police and not a power pole.

Unknown said...


The can't read or write and have to be taught the alphabet but they're suposed to read minds.

Oi said...

Actually Sweetpea, the average front-line cop doesnt really care - apart from all the grief coming his way from the PCA if DuTwat stacks his car.
He just wants a menace off the roads one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Idiot teenager + fast car = dead idiot teenager.

Family blaming Police for pursuing aforementioned idiot teenager and not just letting him go = source of teenage kids lack of responsibility and disrespect for the law revealed.

MathewK said...

It always amazes me that people in western countries run from cops, especially kids, maybe the kids are so weak or something. I mean, even if they catch you, what are the cops going to do, a swift boot up the backside is what's needed but they are not allowed to lay a finger on you.

If we want the police to avoid chasing crims, we might as well close up shop and tell them to stay in the station, it's a waste of time going out there.