Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dumbass ideas

TV ads will help stop child abuse!

Yeah- just like the 'no smacking' bill has done.

Shall we see a new set of unit standards for the terminal maladjusted?

1001- Kids are not crash-test dummies
1002- Punching bags don't have to be your bitch
1003- Food- something YOU can make at home
1004- P is not a food
1005- Birth control- it's a wonderful idea.

Let me spell it out for the OTHER terminally maladjusted sector of society - the Left.

These subhumans are not like us. They don't like us. They don't listen to us. They have zero respect for us.

WE are there to pick up the tab for their FUBAR lifestyles. They laugh at us- they spit on us.

They will attack those who report them- the whole filthy tribes will turn against anyone who reports their crimes. They don't give a shit in general.

They should be cast out of society. Their offspring would be better off in orphanages.

I have posted in the past regarding the sort of institution thse leeches should be contained within.


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Lindsay Mitchell said...

When are you going to tell us what you really think?

Unknown said...

That would be on Wednesday afternoons at the range.

KG said...

Too bloody right, Oswald!