Saturday, August 25, 2007

A visit to the big smoke

Today was that day of the year I visit Wellington.

As I'm paying for the great Mathom-house (if you don't know what that is- read more) I feel the occasional visit is warranted, so I take the boys to look at bugs, skeletons and other stuff boys find fascinating.

I killed Wellington and the Hutt valley off in my third book. (Earthquake in the 25th century)

Now I'm reminded why.

A culture that needs so many crappy shops deserves to die.


Mark said...

But...what would become of our dear Mrs. Smith???


Oswald Bastable said...

She wouldn't be seen dead in most of them!

Mark said...

I meant if you killed off everyone in Auckland but now I see you weren't even talking about Auckland so I don't know ho0w my head got jammed so securely up my ass. Maybe not enough coffee prior to commenting?

Murray said...

Someone whos had a little less caffine translate?

Besides Wellington is important, its some to keep the polticians when they escape their natural habitat - Jafaland.

Wellington doesn't blow, thats just Auckland sucking.

Mark said...

"Someone whos had a little less caffine translate?"

Someone with a notepad take notes so Murray can keep up.

Murray said...

Unitelligble gibberish on your part does not constitute lack of comprehension on my part.


Put down plastic Oz.

Mark said...

Man you're a cranky bastard sometimes, Murray.