Thursday, August 23, 2007

NZ's Laziest politician

So I'm informed- but that was by another MP.

However, I have no reason to not believe him.

"...Beyer exits mayoral race22.08.2007


Georgina Beyer has pulled out of the Carterton mayoral race, saying it is time to move on from politics.

In June, the Times-Age reported Ms Beyer's intention to stand for the Carterton mayoralty but since then the high-profile politician has changed tack.

"It's been an angsting decision but I think it's time to let go and stand aside."

Ms Beyer, a former Labour MP for Wairarapa, began a year of political flip-flops when she resigned from Parliament in February, after having earlier said she would leave and then changing her mind.
Before putting her hand up for Carterton's top civic job she had indicated a strong desire for the Wellington mayoralty, only to rescind that desire and pull out again in May this year.

Ms Beyer said one of the factors weighing in the decision not to run in the Carterton mayoralty was the apathy of her former constituents.
After a period of personal reflection she had "sounded out" the Carterton community who were largely disinterested in her bid for a third term as the town's mayor, she said..."

Actually, I heard it was not a case of apathy. They told it to sod off!

When George was elected- it was by a protest vote agaist the others standing.

They now have a good man on the job- one who actually cares about his town and who has been known to get his hands dirty doing actual real work.

Maybe Georgie boy could try Invercargill...


Anonymous said...

No thanks, Invercargill does not need Georgie Boy.
Try Nightcaps

Unknown said...

No no no this is "socialist apathy".

People who don't vote for socialists are apathetic, or stupid or right wing bloggers or some other smear.

What Geroge found was a lot of very direct "apathy".

Hell can you image Gerogie bringing rubbish bins out to the range for a WMD weekend personally?

Anyway its a woman perogative to changer her mind.

Wonder what if we'll hear THAT excuse. Just not while I have a mouth full of soemthing I'm hoping.