Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From the WTF! files:

This is supposed to be a prison!

I could really see that working here! [sarcasm mode off]

These Scandinavian countries really deserve to be invaded and ruled by Germany!


sweetpea said...

WTF? I have paid money to stay at holiday camps with fewer facilies.

Come to think of it one of them I had to catch a specially chartered boat and walk 6 km to get to and share a "room" with 35 others with the toilets in another building. Leaving part way through wasn't an option unless they called the coast guard or you could swim long distances really well.

It was so much fun I have been back there 5 times.

TouchStone said...

I prefer Sheriff Joe Arpaio's idea of jail:
Military tents in a barbed wire compound.
Baloney sandwiches - breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Cable TV - the ACLU forced him to do it - but ONLY the Disney Channel and the History Channel.
Pink underwear.
Chain-gangs - make 'em work for their baloney sandwiches....

I've never been able to figure out how prison inmates have a "Constitutional Right" (the lawyers swear it's so!) to cable TV....

There's two types of people in the Legal system (note I did NOT use the word "justice")....
1. Those with rights,
2. Law-abiding citizens.