Tuesday, August 21, 2007

YES!- the short, sharp shock!

We want the Chain-Gang!

WE want prison life to be awful- so much that nobody wants to go back.

The hand-wringers have had their go and the system is FUBAR.

Let's build tent cities in Waiouru and Tekapo and get some work out of the useless scum-sucking inmates!

Sherrif Joe is a visionary!


MathewK said...

A visionary indeed OB, bring it on i say. You guys could be leaving your door open and the keys in your car then.

But i'm sure the lefties in charge will fight this tooth and nail, after all this will hit their voter base the hardest, apart from themselves that is.

Gecko said...

Hear hear, I totally agree!!

Gecko said...
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Unknown said...

All we are saaaaaaaying is give cuddly criminal loving dickheads are chaaaance.

Yeah been there done that. You've legislated honest people and good parents into being criminals and we have sprialling violence and sex crimes with people who consider prison to be a minor inconvienience and keep trading while they're there.

I think its time we celebrated our cultural herittage and got brutal with scum.

Seemed to get us to top of the heap before.

Mrs Smith said...

I'd vote in favour.

Anonymous said...

where's the problem?, if you don't want to be treated like a sack of shit, then don't act like one.