Monday, August 06, 2007

Bugger the Kiwi!

A far better symbol- the Haast's Eagle

One mean SOB man-eating bird!


Anonymous said...

How can you expect the tree hugging, lefty, socialist, pinko scum to accept as our national symbol, a bird that is an efficient predator over a can't do what defines a bird, ground dwelling, going out at night cause i can't defend myself ball of fluff.... c'mon mate, The little kiwi is the perfect embodiment of you're average enzedder.

Oswald Bastable said...

Which is going to be as extinct as the one I prefer!

Anonymous said...

would be nice to have a national symbol with some balls......

ZenTiger said...

Benson-Pope suggested a tennis ball and duct tape. Is that ballsy enough?

Helen Clark acts like she has them.

Mallard obviously has, because Helen has him by the ... look in his eyes.

Mrs Smith said...

Bloody hell! That thing could take down a moa! Bit more inspiring as a national icon than something that eats worms.

Unknown said...

Excellent national symbol.

The Maori ate all its food causing it - along with over half the rest of the native wildlife - to die out.

A warning for the modern times.

Don't get too excited Mrs Smith, the moa was really just a big chicken. And SO tasty!

The claws of the Hasst also indicate it was ground feeder rather than a grab and fly off which kind of points to a lack of other predators.

Made them easy to wide out once you've hunted everything else to extintion with the liberal application of some fire to assist in deforestation.

People of the scorched and barren land?

KG said...

"bugger the Kiwi"?
We do, frequently. On the cricket pitch. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nope Oz, poor choice. Fantastic bird or not, its extinct. If it was a man eater we'd see shit loads of them (except around labour party conventions) and no men. Just imagine mowing the lawn when a shadow falls over you. Yikes!

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