Monday, August 13, 2007

From the files of the bloody obvious...

Lotto winners spend their money on- stuff you would expect!

Where is the story ?

"...The survey, of 75 past winners of between $400,000 and $15 million-plus, revealed that the first purchase for 23 per cent was the not-unexpected "nice bottle of wine" or a meal out.
For 19 per cent, the first purchase was a car.
A whopping 54 per cent followed the Kiwi dream of either buying new property or renovating an existing one and paying off debt.
Thirteen per cent paid for travel, and 7 per cent spent the largest proportion of their winnings on their family..."

We want to read about how they spent it all on nose-candy or hookers. Or on a capybara ranch or a kumquat orchard.

But they don't- they are just boring farts who pay of their houses in one go (instead of sensibly using the interest off the capital, leaving their loot untouched)

The most wildly exciting one was about somebody off to hunt buffalo. The rest brought ride-on lawnmowers.

I believe such articles are called 'filler'...

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