Saturday, August 11, 2007

What ARE they doing, over in Wellington?

The hill road is closed

I have had to close all the windows that are normally open and the TV volume has had to go up!

The house is shaking and everything not fastened down has blown away

Maybe I should have brought that generator I was looking at yesterday!

Apparently the wind is gusting to 140k- I could well believe it!

It's a warm wind too...


Anonymous said...

Just an early spring breeze Oswald - down here we call it a Canterbury Nor'Wester. You'll live thru' it.

KG said...

"warm" being a purely relative term down here next to Antarctica..;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I dunno kg.

How's this for starters - 32degC, 160kmh, 7% humidity. And spring is not yet upon us!

Unknown said...

It was only a slight detour to get back home.

Via Palamerston North.

On the way over I saw two people get blown into the barrier. Didn't seem to occur to any of them that every time they rounded a corner the wind caught them and if they slowed down it might be easier to control the car.

sweetpea said...

Too many baked beans?