Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get a friggin' grip assholes!

"A video depicting gingerbread men doing the haka has upset some members of the North Shore Maori community.

Bakery Industry Association of New Zealand designed the video to promote the Bakery of the Year Awards.

But some people feel the video borders on being culturally insensitive..."


FFS- how about focusing on your own stomping on their kids! Lay down the bloody challange to them instead of whining like a bitch over a bunch of dancing gingerbread men!

This is absolutely pathetic and quite typical of why you are looked down on. Like those in politics, the REAL issues are brushed over and the focus is on stupid little points like prancing confectionary.

Stomping babies is something all cultures find offensive. We don't really give a damn about the antics of animated biscuits...


Unknown said...

Meanwhile the constant flow of abuse and bile directed at 90% of this countrys population is NOT culterally insensitive.

One begins to see why those of us whos ancestors fought the Roman Empire to standstill for 500 years took out this lot on the first contact.

Muralismo said...

Hear hear, protect kids not cookies

sweetpea said...

Don't get me started.
There is a large amount of infighting among North Shore based maori.

Mrs Smith said...

Yes. Let's worry about a dancing baked good. Next week - Denmark demands Danish pastries be renamed due to cultural insensitivity.

KG said...

You mean they took time off from belting the missus and branding toddlers on stove elements long enough to notice dancing gingerbread men?
The P must have been wearing off.....

Anonymous said...

"We don't really give a damn about the antics of animated biscuits... "

I would if they were Afghans.

Brian Smaller

The Sniper said...

Thank God the French don't have the stomach to bitch about French toast or French fries.

ZenTiger said...

I'm a little surprised Maori(c) were upset with the advertisement. I instead expected them to be asking for royalty payments on using the haka(TM) to promote western baked goods.

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