Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Squandering other peoples money

Don't councils love to do this!

When you don't do something productive to EARN your money, you don't appreciate the value of it. News flash- your ratepayers DO!

"Residents fighting a proposed "wet house" for alcoholic vagrants in Island Bay have accused Wellington City Council of trying to clear the homeless out of the central city.

The council has offered $500,000 over two years to set up the country's first wet house in Ribble St. The building – a former halfway house for mental patients that is owned by Housing New Zealand – would house about eight alcoholics, allowing them to continue drinking but offering 24-hour care..."

I have another solution-
DON'T FEED THE FRIGGIN' PIGEONS! Especially with ratepayers money!

Let the bums drink themselves to death somewhere they ain't a nuisance- say, the local tip. That or jail- not that they will do too much drinking there.

I see no merit in enabling a pack of piss-heads self-destructive habits- it's bad enough that we are paying out for welfare and medical for a bunch of dero's.

You want to kill youreslf with the booze- fine, don't bother turning up a hospital wasting time and taxpayer dollars that could be spent on someone worth a damn!

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