Sunday, September 20, 2009

Primitive savage behaviour- as predicted

"At 9.40pm firefighters were called to the house on the corner of Wainoni Rd and Hampshire St where the bodies of Tisha Lowry and Rebecca Chamberlain were found on September 4..."

I hope (yeah, right) the poice are following strong leads- namely the cavemen who threatened to do this.

I have something of a theory on this now common act.

Its not about apeasing the sky pixies at all.

In the arsonist's very small and primitive minds, they see what to the is a moral justification to indulge in a bit of lawlessness. 'Yippie- I get to burn somebodys house down and feel good about it!'

And as we know, property owners are all 'rich honkey bastards, who are insured anyway'

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