Thursday, September 17, 2009

What HAVE we come to?

"Three New Zealand soldiers will be sent home for passing on a photo featuring a bomb plastered with an energy drink sticker and the words "dear Taleban, enjoy this"...

"The return home of these three personnel was a command decision," said Commander Joint Forces NZ Air Vice Marshal Peter Stockwell.

"Blah, Blah, Blah..

"Let me be very clear that this is not about a group of young soldiers just taking a photograph of themselves; soldiers have been doing this since the availability of cameras. These three are returning to New Zealand because of a series of actions and errors of judgment on their part that did not meet the standards we expect of our people."

What kind of Nancy-boy, pussy-whipped, squat to pee, neutered faries do we have running the armed forces! Air marshal in charge of three helicopters and and antiquated freighter!

Do you limp-wristed Biggles Boys think this is the friggin' boy scouts?

Show a fraction of the balsl of those at the sharp end and tell the press to go fuck themselves!

Is this really the country that produced so many pilots who played prominant roles in WWII?

[Historical error corrected above]

Who would have looked at that picture and said something like "Who gives a damn about the enemy!"

And the penalty- 'Becuse you are not behaving as gentlemen, you cannot play war anymore!'


"Please doan throw me into that ol' briar patch!"

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