Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh, really!

Kids are SO concerened about the spelling of a name that they write to Michael Laws, telling him how angry they are?

Yeah, right.

Since when do kids that age even think about such things?

Especially spelling- look at the way they make a total has out of the English language with the idler's abortion that is txtspk!

Ask them about the latest TV shows or ghastly popular music and they will have a sort of opinion on that- based on what the other kids in their herd are saying.

No, they were put up to it.

Laws called them out and basically told them to bugger off- good on him!

Laws is accountable to his ratepayers, not a bunch of upstarts and the teacher from elsewhere, filling their minds with her own agenda.

For the easily offended that don't understand what bullying is- here is an example.

There is a poll over here
More news that has come to light, is that this issue happened in April- it surfaces the day after his 'Gang Patch' bill...

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