Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Neutering the police continues

It appears that some friggin' office-bound chair warmer has decided to cut costs by cutting one of the more critical areas of training! Bloody unbelievable!

Your average plod couldn't shoot his way out of a wet paper bag as it is. The last thing they need is reduced training.

"...He said the decision was believed to have been made to reduce "training overhead".

It followed a national policy to introduce a three-tiered firearms training model which would lead to "position specific" exemptions. That could include officers working on youth aid and other police sections..."

"...The magazine said the cost of ammunition was rising and under the proposed new tiered training structure "first responders" would get more firearms training, "secondary" responders would get rifle training only (and not hand gun training) and others would get no firearms training at all..."

Secure this bullshit RIGHT NOW. Firearms training is an intregal part of the job and the cost of ammo just does not come into it. ANY cop can be called up in a bad situation, regardless of their position- or is the plan now to cower and wait for the army?

How about cutting all the cultural cringe sensitivity training and use the money to buy some more 9mm?

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