Monday, September 28, 2009

More on cycling

As it seems to be a bit topical at the moment, and I have 'outed' myself as a cyclist (although mostly in bygone days)- it would seen the time for another rant (1804 to date!)

I have always ridden on my own or with one other person, at most. Mob mentality is not my scene. The rule has always been 'single file and hug the left'- that being the best way to survive- NZ drivers being as skilled as they are!

These mobs of lycra-wrapped wannabe organ doners have nothing but my contempt- for their lack of interest in remaining part of the human race. As many know, I travel the back road of rural New Zealand daily and in doing so, I have had many a close call with groups of cling-wrapped organs all over my lane- and the other. They seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that big chunks of Japanese steel are using these roads will *really hurt* when they collide with five kilos of alloy- at whatever speed.

None are more of a pain in the arse as the group of geriatrics who clog the back roads of Greytown totally oblivious to any rules of the road. I am of the firm belief that they are going for a vehicle-assisted suicide, to avoid being committed to a rest home for approaching dementia!

Another point- these rolling roadblocks- are they ever policed for the correct following distance?- half a wheel diameter seems to be the norm.

If they held the correct spacing, maybe 20 of them would not have been take out up north!

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