Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crocodile Tears

"A group of teenagers who organised an illegal drag race after school which ended in a three-car crash want to tell classmates how they were "foolish and dangerous..."

Yeah right- I seem to have heard this one before.

You ain't fooling anyone- all you want to do is put on a nice show of penitence and get diversion from some serious charges.

I hear this same story all the time- Master Screwup goes about telling the other yoof they shouldn't do as he has done. Shame they persist in screwing up anyway.

And what is this shit?
"..As serious crash unit officers continue to investigate, with decisions on any charges being put on hold, calls have been made for police to rid the roads of boy racers..."

I go 6 kph over the limit and no mercy is shown, yet the above have yet to be charged?- for doing something that WAS dangerous- not something that COULD have been dangerous!

Try figuring that one out- I can't!

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