Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop buggerizing about

"Parliament is set to sit to midnight tonight as MPs continue to debate reform of the Resource Management Act..."

Whats to debate?

Scrap the friggin travesty!

All this nonsense about 'save the trees'

"...Labour predicted wholesale removal of trees from Auckland with MP Lynne Pillay saying it would lead to the "death by a thousand cuts" of suburban greenery..."

Bollocks!- go into a garden center or nursery and watch people hand over large amounts of their own cash BUYING trees to plant.

Look at what is urban land now- a while back much was bare pasture (cleared from the bush) Then it was subdivided and what dis the homeowners do?


Without being ordered to by the state and at their own expense.

I don't see doom and despair for the trees of this land...

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