Monday, August 15, 2005

Yeah, right!

From The Tui ad file:,2106,3378419a10,00.html

She said then that she had not known she was pregnant until she woke up to find her baby dead in bed beside her. Without waking her partner, she had cut the umbilical cord and dumped the baby over a 1.6m high fence at the back of her property.

Now who actually believes this story?

I Don't!

Nobody could have such a lack of self-awareness, without being totally drug-addled. I've seen a couple of births and they aren't exactly something you could sleep through! The same goes for a pregnancy. I'm reliably informed that you know something is up, from very early on.

Or is this just another case of 'Mad Cows' disease....

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Ms Vile File said...

OH for fucks sake.

A series of unlikely events cobbled together make for an impossible one.

Even if one was unaware of being pregnant/giving birth, the normal reaction would hardly be "oh how surprising. A dead baby. I think I'll hiff it over the nearest fence." Yeah right.