Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Who has to die?

Who has to die before this puke is actually put away for real?


13 years old and a string of crimes as long as your arm, no doubt, as well as the three high-speed chases in 5 months. The odds on him being salvaged are next to none- the programming is now hardwired.

I have read enough inmate files, to see where this is going. I will repeat this yet again-HE WILL KILL SOMEONE.

The limp-wristed laws won't let him get locked away- some poor sod has to die first. Probably someone who is actually worth something. How the hell did we get to a society where 13yr old shitheads hold us to ransom? The pendulum has swung way too far from the 'hung for a loaf of bread' days (A myth, the death sentence was almost always commuted to transportation, thus creating Australia ;-)

I'm not at all objective on my outllok here- a similar puke near killed me two years ago and I will never regain the full use of my left hand. He was drunk and out racing. Being about 20, he got 21 months (of which he served about 10)

Lock him away, preferably for at least 5 years, at hard labour. If he does it again, stretch his worthless neck with a rope!

Other suggestions I have seen, involve a very large ball & chain permanantly attached and a collar, as seen on 'The Running Man'