Monday, August 29, 2005

Oxygen Theives

Here is one, along with stealing everything else, I reckon his biggest crime is stealing oxygen!

337 convictions for theft, fraud, arson and impersonating a police officer. The prick is impersonating a human being!

That many convictions must say this arsehole cannot/will not learn. He needs a long drop on a short rope, or at the very least locking up permanantly(at hard labour) personally, I favour the first option.

This peice of shit is simply a waster of qxygen and has shown no sign of ever wanting to change. When I wrote the piece 'Rif-Raf to the Reservation' (below), this was exactly the type of candidate for the facility described.

The Central Plateau Recidivist Facility.
This is an area of several kilometers square, secured by three layers of high security fencing and is constantly patrolled by the armed forces. There is a 300 metre exclusion zone around this perimeter, which is a free-fire zone, where patrols will fire on anyone, without warning. Inside the wire, there are no staff. Inner fencing is electrified and seismic detectors listen for the sound of digging. Watchtowers with high tech equipment watch both sides of the wire and relay information to the vehicle and foot patrols. They are equipped with automatic weapons and are designed to fend off a massed break-out or break-in.

There is an entry point, which consists of a large high-security bunker. This is where inmates are received and all incoming supplies are rigorously searched. Visitors are never permitted to the facility.The prison has a few utility buildings, which are of concrete and steel construction.

Supplies are minimal and basic. Food must be grown, otherwise inmates must exist on 'K' ration type food. Wood must be cut for heating and cooking. There is no medical treatment, but lethal drugs are available for those who wish to commit suicide.

This is the end of the line.

Thieve from the types in there and see how long you last!