Wednesday, August 17, 2005

'Justice' system- Yeah, Right!

Another from the 'Tui Ad' files:

Michael Vaimauga took on three offenders at night, to protect a neighbour’s property from burglary, and to deliver one of them to justice. That is the kind of responsibility every healthy community wants. But not our Judicary, whom I spit on.

Can't these overpaid dumbfuck hand-wringers even comprehend the laws they are meant to operate by?

36. Arrest of person believed to be committing crime by night—
Every one is
protected from criminal responsibility for arresting without warrant any person whom he finds by night in circumstances affording reasonable and probable grounds for believing that that person is committing an offence against this Act.

39. Force used in executing process or in arrest— Where any
person is justified, or protected from criminal responsibility, in …making or assisting to make any arrest, that justification or protection shall extend and apply to the use by him of such force as may be necessary to overcome any force used in resisting such execution or arrest, unless the arrest … [ can be] made by reasonable means in a less violent manner…”

So where does this say "Thou shalt not take the law into your own hands". In a sane society it is the right, no- the DUTY of a citizen to take action against a lawbreaker. Not to wait for the police to maybe turn up, but to take action.

Where the fuck do they find these cretins? I happened to be looking through the ACT site

And found this doozy:

Wacky Greens
An obscure Green MP, Mike Ward may in five weeks be Minister of Transport. Ward, is proud he has never driven a car, and for that matter has often not had a job. He told the Local Authority Traffic Institute last week he had discovered the answer to traffic, on his trips from Wellington Airport to parliament. “Remove all traffic lights so motorists have to negotiate each intersection and the answer to the road toll is to plant trees in the middle of the road.” At this point his audience’s incredulity became uncontrolled laughter. “The trees should be in huge pots and moved around so motorists would not know from one day to the next where the trees will be.”

So now I know where they find Judges!

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