Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Carless days- what a load of arse!

I wouldn't be too concerned about this or petrol rationing. I have noticed a trend whereby outrageous statist control measures have been put out, then denied shortly after.

They are testing the water. If there is a public outcry, it is claimed that 'this was just a discussion paper" If it goes unnoticed- watch out.

I remember the first carless day fiasco- it was exactly that. People ignored it, got an exemption or got a old wreck as a second car. Back then, it wasn't too well enforced, but given today's penchant for using the police as the uniformed branch of the IRD, well, you can imagine what those extra 250 police would be used for...

The one I would be more concerned about happening is the 90kph speed limit. With alleged petrol shortages and the catchphrase of 'In the interests of Public Safety...' thrown in, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one slipped in. Not this side of the election, but soon after, should Labour's Thought Police return to power. I wonder what the charge is to be- excessive speed or wasting petrol?

After all, ministerial limo's have some underling to take the fall.

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Lippy said...

Exactly! Sodding baskets! It's cheaper for me to use my car than public transport - which is complete shite anyway.