Thursday, August 04, 2005

Weddings, Funerals and other stressfests

Why the hell do we inflict these occasions upon ourselves? Like most things, they are not so bad in small doses. My own wedding involved taking 30 or so to lunch at a nice country restaurant. No more stress than pulling out an Amex and kissing about $1200 goodbye. But it was worth it for the total lack of stress.

Self-catered events can also be easy, when the numbers are kept down to under 50 or so.

But then you get the occasion where 300+ are expected and the excrement FOD's the turbine. Unfortunately, I have something of a reputation for logistics and invariably get nominated by she-who-must-be-obeyed.

I have spent today helping organize such an event (I use the term 'organize' very loosely!) Really, it's just a matter of scale, but unfortunately, unpaid helpers to not act like the other kind. The kind that can't disappear, as their employment will do likewise.

With all my tasks completed, I departed to rub vodka into my aching joints (I do so despise 'honest work'!) I leave the less efficient to snap and snarl at each other, as the struggle in their efforts to make life difficult for themselves.

The bugger of it is that it is a bloody funeral and I can't even enjoy the event tomorrow.

The one good thing was that whilst sourcing cheap cutlery in the Red Hell-Hole of Plastic, I found a DVD of Buckaroo Banzi's Adventures Across the Eighth Dimension- for $10!

Now I can finally retire the VHS copy of horrible sound and picture quality!

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