Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Introducing XNC2, an MSN group

XNC2 is one of NZ's most active MSN groups. It has been around for almost as long as MSN groups have been around.

Originally designed as a backup to the XNC News Community, an xtra-managed group, in case that group ever melted down.

As it did, earlier in the year-MSN pulled the plug for unknown reasons- possibly copyright or bandwidth theft. The xtra staff responsible did not address the warning in time, and down the gurgler it went.

No matter- all the 'regulars' belonged to several 'satellite' groups and were soon back in contact, posting up to 3000 messages per week.

This group covers current and not so current events, plus the eternal battle between the left and those who want to run their own lives. There are on-going games, such as 'What's the Mystery item', a general chatter thread, recipe's, computer advice and on-line chat.

The usual mix of sages, loonies, ranters, comedians, shit-stirrers, know-it-alls and the plain weird!

It's worth a look!

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