Monday, August 22, 2005

The death penalty for...


I have been out of circulation for two days sorting out problems caused by hijackers. Normally I only visit a variety of known safe site, but I was in search of drivers for a new DVD-ROM, and got badly infected. Unfortunately my spyware remover software had expired. It was like going back to dial-up in the early nineties, again.

These spyware users are nothing but thieves , vandals and trespassers! Thieves of time, information and bandwidth, invading private property, namely my hard drive.

Time is a non-renewable resource. We only get a set amount. Those who waste it are stealing my life and I want theirs in return!
When I say they should receive the death penalty, I'm not talking about the soft options of the electric chair, lethal injection or even hanging. I'm talking seriously medieval!- hot irons, the Pear, the rack and being broken on the wheel.

At least I can yell abuse at deliverers of junk mail and telemarketers, when I feel the need. Who knows where these rapers of small furry animals lurk?

If I ever meet someone who admits to writing this stuff, they will be in for the thrashing of their worthless life!

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