Friday, August 05, 2005

My conspiracy theory of the week

This is my theory- I made it up myself, this is not copied from someone else!

The NZ police are under attack from organized crime.

Method of attack- implicate senor officers in historic rape cases

1- Lower police morale
2- Remove extremely experienced senior officers
3- Damage public credibility

All it takes is to find women who indulged in the drunken sexual antics common at parties, in the past. From there, blackmail would be the best inducement to 'spill the beans'

After all, this stuff was in the distant past - current partner probably knows nothing of these antics. To save face, she has to cry 'Rape' when the information is 'leaked' . The courts seem to be convicting on 'he said, she said' testimony with no physical evidence.

I would also like to get one thing straight here. I'm not condemning women for having the same sexual standards as men. Nothing wrong with being young drunk and horny!

But I bet there are a lot of blokes out there scared that the past could come back to haunt them. They have good reason to be afraid.

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