Monday, August 01, 2005

Knee-Jerk reaction to raise the driving age

The whole 15 yr driving age was because that was also the school leaving age. You needed to drive to get to get to work (outside of a few metro centres) Back then you went off to work on the farm, at your apprenticeship or as a gofer,without wasting time getting your head stuffed with superfluous bullshit at school, through to the 7th form.

With the school leaving age at 16, the driving age should probably be 16? sound reasonable?

that's more or less what we have- learners at 15- 6 months before going to restricted, where you sit until well after turning 16. (can't remember the exact time)

Of course, so many totally disregard the terms of their license and drive out of hours, with passengers, etc. Just keep getting caught and fined- put it on the tab, then maybe do a few hours PD or a week in jail.

The laws are OK, in themselves, but prove no deterrent to dead between-the-ears teenagers.

It pisses me off to see a lot of good kids dragged down by these morons.