Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another WOFTAM

Values to be included in school curriculum:,2106,3381046a10,00.html

Well bugger me with a fishfork! Shouldn't this sort of thing be happening as a matter of course. Honesty, respect, responsibility? These are basic behaviors for a civilized society.

OK, they could be seen a bit more, but at the end of the day, most people follow them most of the time. Probably 1-2% of society decide to live totally outside of these norms. It is well known in law enforcement circles, that if you rounded up 4-5 lowlife family's in most medium sized towns and shot them, crime would drop to bugger-all.

If they think they can address the problems of today's ferals by bringing in a unit standard for humanity 101, they have their heads lodged firmly up orifice posterior. This sort of behavior can only be learned in the home. At best the schools can reinforce the positive values most kids are aware of, but need reminding of- as do most adults! I see there has been some kind of social experiment at Cannibal, er, Cannons Creek school, in Porrirua. They gather points for good behavior, which leads to prizes being given.

Excuse me? They are rewarded for doing what they ought to? Do you get prizes in life for not fucking up?- the DBP aside, no- you have to do better than the norm. (In my world, anyway!)

I wonder if they have looked to the Catholic schools for this idea? Say what you will about the Mickies, they run a far better school, these days (now that they have got the Nazi Nuns out!)
If so, they have overlooked on factor. A selection process. Parents have to make an effort AND PAY MONEY (not much), to get their kids into these schools. This tends to eliminates the feral lowlife's noxious offspring from these schools.

This reminds to to write up my thoughts on dealing with the recidivist part of society- another day...