Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bets Anyone?

How long does it take a bent ex-mp to make Home Detention?

She WILL get leave to apply, normally it takes some months. I reckon this one will be out with a Gucchi ankle bracelet, within 6 weeks of sentencing.

Let's have a sweepstake- winner gets my latest book, in CD format! Hope you like Lad's Adventure Yarns!


Ms Vile File said...

I reckon two months. Let's say October 26th.

coge said...

Gosh, she'll miss out on the Christmas panto!

I'd like to think the Govt wanted to make an example of her.

In the words of Chuck Berry, "thirty days" 26/9/05. No one will notice post election. Got to make room for someone who has failed to provide the necessities of life.