Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ugly Bastards

Someone recently remarked to me, about the very high percentage of ugly bastards that shop at the Warehouse. I started studying this observation and found that there seemed to be something in it.

Every cheapo discounter seems to attract those beaten badly by the ugly stick. Today I was in WritePrice and the place looked like the local population was subjected to genetic manipulation, using Toad genes. We are not talking 'plain'- we are talking butt-ugly mofos! (Insolent Prick- if you read this, it was in Masterton!)

Along with this, I noticed that it was a bad day for isles blocked by she-mountains and that the luddites paying with cash couldn't figure out how much to hand over for their Port Royal and Reineck. Coincidence- or not?

Casting the mind back a few years to when I worked next to a sexual abuse counseling service- EVERYONE going in there (givers and takers) looked like they had been teleported from the streets of 1970's Moscow. Is that what is does to one, or what makes one?

Heaven knows that the pretty are not always on the right-hand side of the bell-shaped curve, for cleverness, but this still warrants futher study.

What's the chance of a huge grant?


unaha-closp said...

Why would someone fugly $500 on an outfit?


Does anybody look good in Warehoue clothes?

Lippy said...

Pak n Save is similarly afflicted. I still can't figure out why entire families of 8 shop there. Why? WHY? It's not fun, surely... is it?

Ms Vile File said...

Hmmm. This would indeed make an interesting study... "The Correlation of Fugliness and The Warehouse Shopping Experience - Causality or Coincidence?"

I am sure grant money will be readily available.

She-mountains. Tee-hee.