Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Precious

We have outwitted the minions of HELLen and the import license has been granted!

The fangs of the Ungolient have been bound and the Lugers have but to pass through Customs.

And the precious shall be MINE!

1907 Lugers in Excellent condition.

(You would think we we importing Ukrainian Suitcase Nukes!)

Not frickin' pre WWI pistols!


Anonymous said...

so the silmarills are unspoiled?.

Anonymous said...

In Great Britain this merchandise could not be legally delivered, and you would find yourself on a watch list. Someone from the hate-crimes unit would stop by for a "friendly" discussion. If you proved uncooperative on some silly common law grounds, it would be down to the station house for you with the probability of a rather searching probe of your nether parts for weapons or contraband. If there were grounds to hold you for 72 hours, you could expect a rather good buggering in the prison bloc. You would be glad the gloves used in the search were lubricated with petroleum jelly.

TouchStone said...

The Luger is a fine pistol, but I've never been a fan of the 9mm.

The .45 has always been my favorite, but then again, as an American, I feel it is my DUTY to express a preference for anything that could qualify as obscene overkill.

Got a national image to uphold, ya know.....LOL

Oswald Bastable said...

The luger is one on my collectable list.

I own 4 .45's- 'nuff said?

TouchStone said...

...color me "jealous".........